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Rhody Rug owner: Employees are our top asset

LINCOLN – At Rhody Rug, employees stay and grow with the company because they feel valued, says Scott Weldon, president and CEO.

“Employees are our number one asset, and far too many times, that is overlooked,” he said.

The company, at 9 Power Hill Road, does any number of little things to make the environment at the company as good as it can be, said Weldon.

“The trends in employment are definitely changing, and adapting is not always the easiest thing to do,” he said. “There are many ways to sum it up, but first and foremost, you truly have to take an interest in the employees, their lives and all different scenarios they go through. Without them, we would not be here.”

The employment landscape has changed in all aspects, he added, with employees costing far more now, and loyalty not being what it once was with other opportunities knocking.

“I like to make the work environment a safe place to be, and we like to have a little fun as well,” Weldon said.

Thinking outside the box is key, he added. They have launched a few small initiatives, including Flamingo Friday, starting as two of them wearing a flamingo shirt and having a flamingo trinket on Fridays. That has grown to several employees wearing what is now a rotation of flamingo shirts. They also put out about a dozen flamingos, including a 5-footer named Freddy.

“It sounds silly, but it has indirectly grown camaraderie and employee engagement as a byproduct, so much so that now we try to up each other with flamingo shoes, and employees that were not engaged before now ask where Freddy is if I don’t put him out or (if I don’t say) “Happy Flamingo Friday,” he said.

They have also seen spillover to their customers, he said, as he posts Flamingo Friday on social media and vendors, including Breeze sales representative Gloria Tanguay, come in on a Friday in a flamingo sweater.

“It boils down to having fun and being real,” he said.

Also on Fridays, they’ll have a raffle and give away items such as large TVs and gift cards to grocery stores. They’ll put out a little gift for employees on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, and sometimes walk around and randomly give a gas card to someone.

“Respect and treating as you would want to be treated doesn’t hurt, and as far as I am concerned, is a must,” he said.



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