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Designing a Rhody Rug: From Fiber Selection to Finished Product

In the world of home decor, Rhody Rug stand’s out for their charm, durability, and craftsmanship. Creating these intricate rugs involves a meticulous process, from selecting the right fibers to...

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Rhody Rug on Valley Breeze

Rhody Rug owner: Employees are our top asset LINCOLN – At Rhody Rug, employees stay and grow with the company because they feel valued, says Scott Weldon, president and CEO....

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Governor McKee Visits Rhody Rug

Governor Daniel McKee of Rhode Island visited Rhody Rug, a renowned braided rug manufacturing company. During his visit, Governor McKee toured the facility and spent time interacting with the employees,...

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Rhody Rug featured on Chronicle

Rhody Rug, a leading manufacturer of braided rugs and accessories, recently had the opportunity to showcase their products on the popular TV show Boston Chronicle Made in New England. This...

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How to Care for your Rhody Rug

Rhody Rug braided rugs are not only beautiful additions to your home decor but are also known for their durability and longevity. With proper care and cleaning, you can ensure...

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