Rhody Rug

Rug Pad

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Color: Rubber
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Non-Slip Rug Pad For Hard Floors. Please note that the pad must be used on a flat, hard surface only.

Makes home safer - helps prevents slips and falls

  • Open-weave construction promotes air circulation and makes vacuuming easier.
  • Perfect for Any Rug Size: we offer a wide range of pre-cut no slip rug pads for you to choose from and match your carpet size. If you do not see the matching size or form of a pad for rug that you need, buy a bigger one and simply cut off the excess with household scissors.
  • Keeps rugs in place and prevents bunching and sliding while children or pets are playing or just during normal daily use makes vacuuming easier protects floor surfaces and provides extra cushioning and comfort.
  • Extends rug life - By adding support, allowing air circulation, and holding your rug in place it will reduce the wear and tear and add years to your rug's life
  • Guaranteed to hold non-slip properties for 10 years
  • Made in USA

May not be suitable for use on vinyl, lacquered, acrylic or porous surfaces. Please always follow the manufacturer’s directions.

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  • Made in USA
Color Disclaimer

Due to the manufacturing nature of our products being handcrafted, size variations are expected, but not more than ± 3% of the listed size. Dye lots may vary slightly. All of our yarns are dyed to our strict specifications, but tolerable dye lot variations are to be expected.

Space-dyeing is a yarn dyeing technique that gives the rug a unique look and it may differ from time to time. This may result in a totally unique look in different areas of the rug. Due to this random dyeing technique, no two rugs will be exactly alike.